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Wow Today was super horrible...

Well today was super horrible... It started off with me feeling like I'd slept really little last night even though i was in bed for over 10hrs. Then one of our cats died unexpectedly. He wasn't even that old, about 5-6 years old. I'll really miss him. It was agonizing to watch him struggle to take his last few breaths then convulse as the life left his body and know I could do nothing. Sir Prize got his name because it sounds like Surprise. We found him outside when he was nothing more than a starved kitten that could sit in the palm of your hand nothing but skin, fur, and bones. We didn't think he'd live through that night let alone the next 5 or so years. He grew up to be a really big kitty. I'll really miss him... I've been crying off and on all day. At least he's not hurting anymore. I'm happy I could be with him telling him how much I loved him while he was passing on.

Then what else should happen today?? I get the letter officially denying my claim for Unemployment Compensation. Joy. I kind of need some money for bills and such and I can't work until I can get surgery that I need the state to cover so I can go back to my job. Fantastic.

As if that all wasn't enough, I'm taking care of another sick kitty and I think I may have just given myself food poisoning... :-/ We'll see...

Anyway I'm hoping everyone's day was better than mine...
Tags: can't catch a break, death, life

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