WOO 21!!!

Wow, It's been forever since I've posted on here...  Anyway, I'm 21 now WOO! So this past weekend was AMAZING.

Three days of Irish Festival, Time with one of my best friends and SCYTHIAN.

Friday we had our 3.5 hour drive out to Pittsburgh. It wasn't a bad drive but when we finally got into Pittsburgh, it was impossible to find the entrance to the Hotel since they were having some event in the middle of the road that went to the hotel. So the GPS was no help there. But eventually we just ignored a street sign and turned into the other end of the Hotel. (Silly no turn here sign). We went to Pittsburgh Irish Fest after six and it was awesome. It was cold out and I hadn't brought a long sleeve shirt. So Jay and I went to the venders that were there and he got me a hoodie. It was awesome. There were dogs and sheep and loads of music there too. We saw a bit of Slide before we knew who they really were. The Fiddler was all over the stage. He was super energetic and loads of fun to watch. Then we sat through Ceann. And then Pogey was supposed to be on. Jay and I were really excited to see Pogey but it turned out they were trapped in DC because of the weather. So Scythian went on a little early... and stayed on late. That was an awesome show. They did the shouting song with some Ukranian traditional dancers and then Dan and Leks started doing a Ukranian Dance. Okay I'm not describing this very well. So I'm gonna put in some video.


We also had the never ending Technoccordion:


I love that kind of stuff. Then came the after party. By the time we got there, it was after midnight so I was officially 21!! WOO! We walked into the Harp and Fiddle and saw Corned Beef and Curry on stage. They were a lot of fun. So since I'm 21 now I got a Guiness and had had about 2 sips of it when in walks Dan from Scythian. He comes over to me to wish me a Happy Birthday and then asks me what I'm drinking. After I told him, "Guiness." he disappeared for about 5 minutes and comes back with ANOTHER Guiness. So I have 2 nearly full Guinesses to drink. Shortly after that Leks walks in and made a funny comment like, "Wow you're double fisting already!" It make me lol. I love these guys. So Leks ended up on stage with Bob from Corned Beef and Curry. That was pretty cool. I ended up really messed up on 2 Guinesses. We left the bar at closing time, went back to the hotel and crashed.

Saturday was no less amazing. Scythian was on at the Celtic Dance Tent but before we got to see Leks wandering around on his motorized scooter. (The stand up kind not the sit down kind) That was pretty funny. Then they put on an amazing show (like always.) After that we wandered around a bit and ended up watching Slide and Pogey. After that Scythian was on again. And this show was no less amazing. It was so much fun. After Scythian, Gaelic Storm was on, but I was hungry and planning on going back to the pub so I went for some food. Don't get me wrong, I like Gaelic Storm, but when it comes down to a choice between watching them and food so I can drink later. Food wins out.

At the pub, it was CROWDED! There was loads of rubbing up against random people just to get to the bar to get a drink. I ended up with a VodkaBull first. That was really good. By the time I finished that, there still weren't any tables opened. So I got a Bacardi and Coke. Yum again. (I think I'm a hard liquor kind of girl.) We found a bunch of guys that were leaving a table so we grabbed it before someone else could. It was at the back of the pub but that was ok. Shortly after we grabbed the table, Joey comes walking into the pub. We'd talked to him earlier in the day and he'd said he wasn't going to be able to make it due to familial obligations. Which trumps any kind of afterparty. But then he comes in and I went up to him to say, "I'm glad you made it!" and before I even finished that, He glomps me (it's a serious kind of hug lol) And then goes, "We're dancing!" and starts bouncing me back towards my table. It was unexpected and so much fun. He ended up disappearing shortly after that, but Leks, Dan and Mike all made their ways in and ended up on stage with Bob from Corned Beef and Curry again. This time they did a couple of songs. I remember Mikey singing. I can't remember what song he sang, but it was awesome. I'd love to hear him sing more. And then they did "Cotton Eye Joe" and that made me lol again. Here's some of the awesome on stage...


 After all that awesomeness on stage, I wandered up to the bar and Leks bought me a Whiskey Press. That was awesome. (Ok so I'm definitely a hard liquor type of gal.) Then it was closing time and again we went back to the hotel and crashed.

Sunday was a little less amazing, but only by a little. Jay and I went for a drive down Liberty Avenue (Anyone who's seen Queer as Folk will get why.) But we ended up with a surprise. We were heading down Liberty Avenue and I spotted a Church Bus... Now, Scythian had recently acquired Shirley the Church Bus and I'm still not really accustomed to looking for it. So I'm like, "Oh look a  Chur...... CHURCH BUS!!!" in the car. Jay and I ended up laughing about it. These things just seem to happen to us. We were on a Queer as Folk kick, going down Liberty Avenue and totally ended up on a Scythian kick. Apparently they were staying at the Hilton on Liberty Avenue. That's kool. Their performance on Sunday was really great and it had warmed up for Sunday. But not too many people were there. (The heat must have scared them away.) So there was a small group of us down in front and then of course the guys got everyone to come up front and dance. It was awsome again.

Then came the 3.5 hr drive home... joy. I got home around 10:30 or so. Not too bad, but I was starving by that point. Anyway, there's my weekend. It was an awesome way to spend my 21st B-day!

Note: all 3 videos were taken by chupachup07 and were found on Youtube.


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Scythian Still Blows My Mind!

So Wed, Jay and I took a trip up to State College to see Scythian again! It was amazing like always! I even got to finally meet Kirsten! But Scythian totally should have headlined this show instead of opening for Carbon Leaf.... But they went long anyway just because they rock that hard!!!

Here's an example from this show!!!

But anyway, I got to talk to each of the guys again! These guys are so amazing and super nice!! They also tend to remember their fans from encounter to encounter! Super amazing memory powers!!! Anyway, like always I suggest seeing these guys if you get the chance!!


Okay, so St. Patty's day wasn't brilliant for me... really... I sat at my computer and put together a video playlist since I couldn't go to the Big Jig, and I talked to various peoples. However, at 12:30am EST March 18, 2009 on the nose, Jay called me, and handed the phone off to Leks from Scythian!!! Suffice to say, the day has barely started and it's already made!! I get to see these guys later today too!! I'm seriously PSYCHED UP!!! Thank you so much Jay for doing that!! The only down side to this whole thing is, that my phone was low on time and died after only a short conversation. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more time on it soon!
Earth is full

Wow Today was super horrible...

Well today was super horrible... It started off with me feeling like I'd slept really little last night even though i was in bed for over 10hrs. Then one of our cats died unexpectedly. He wasn't even that old, about 5-6 years old. I'll really miss him. It was agonizing to watch him struggle to take his last few breaths then convulse as the life left his body and know I could do nothing. Sir Prize got his name because it sounds like Surprise. We found him outside when he was nothing more than a starved kitten that could sit in the palm of your hand nothing but skin, fur, and bones. We didn't think he'd live through that night let alone the next 5 or so years. He grew up to be a really big kitty. I'll really miss him... I've been crying off and on all day. At least he's not hurting anymore. I'm happy I could be with him telling him how much I loved him while he was passing on.

Then what else should happen today?? I get the letter officially denying my claim for Unemployment Compensation. Joy. I kind of need some money for bills and such and I can't work until I can get surgery that I need the state to cover so I can go back to my job. Fantastic.

As if that all wasn't enough, I'm taking care of another sick kitty and I think I may have just given myself food poisoning... :-/ We'll see...

Anyway I'm hoping everyone's day was better than mine...
Earth is full

As if I needed one more thing to worry about...

Like I didn't have enough problems to deal with right now, I woke up this morning to find that "somehow" I have a flat tire. I don't have a spare, and I know my tire wasn't flat yesterday. I haven't gone anywhere, so how is it my tire's flat?? On top of all that, I started crying because of everything that's weighing down on me right now and my mom decided to get an attitude and be a complete bitch to me. I'm crying so hard I'm having trouble breathing, and she wants me to talk. When I can't answer her, she gets an attitude and says, "Well fine, let me know when you want to talk."

I really don't need this crap on top of all the hospital bills and my bank screwing with me and trying to find work I can do. For the first time in a long time I seriously want to end it all... I know it's not the answer, and I know it's the "coward's way out" but at this point, I'm beyond caring. Life seems to keep piling it on me with no break for me to catch my breath. I can't stop crying for the first time in a while, and I truly hate myself right now. I feel so weak! I don't know what else to do. I want nothing more than to just get away from life itself for a while. Why can't I catch a break? Just some time to breathe when everything is going the way it should? Why are life and the people I have to deal with everyday so against me succeeding?